black weevils in plantains


Dear Sirs:

My plantains (similar to bananas but generally used after they’re cooked) have borers called Black Weevils.  These borers make the bodies of the plant weak and decrease the sizes of the bunches by about one third.  Here they sell Feridine (sp?) to kill them and that is a deadly chemical. I don’t want to use this on my plantains but instead want one of your organic products.  What I need to know is do you have something that will kill this particular weevil?  I do not even know what it looks like, but when I harvest the fruit and cut the plant down (they only fruit one time) I see the dark brown holes in the bodies of the plants make by these bugs.

Please let me know if one of your products will kill them.  I must stay organic so your product qualifies in that respect.

Thank you, Nancy B.

Go with the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER. It’s organic and we have had great success using it for all kinds of weevil pests here in the states. I’m not sure when your plants are being attacked so I would recommend using it at least every two weeks whether you have signs of the weevils or not. I say this because Multi Purpose won’t last more than a few days so it’s not nearly as long lasting as traditional products like Feridine.

Multi Purpose Insect Killer:

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