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We have been told that we have weevils living in our walls. We have nine indoor cats and I would like a pet-safe way to get rid of the weevils. My wife had made arrangements to get rid of them from an exterminator, but they want to spray all the walls at the baseboard and I’m certain it’s going to ruin the paint. (We have our walls painted with flat paint and if it gets wet, it stains.) The weevils are NOT in our pantry. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

First, I can’t imagine any pest control service that would knowingly destroy the finish where they spray so I think you may have misunderstood what they intended on doing. The products we use in homes for pest control have changed quite a bit and currently there are some which go on “dry”. My favorite is PHANTOM. It’s odorless, slow acting and works great on spiders. My home has hardwood floors so anything wet is out of the question. I use the Phantom throughout and it works great. At no time can you tell anything has been applied because when used properly, you can’t see it. I also use it on my boat. The boat decking is quite shiny and again, if there was ever a chance of something being left behind following the treatment, my boat would be where it could be seen. If you’re wanting the best option for this problem that’s both low odor and safe for use around people and pets, I’d go with this option.

Second, since you feel these weevils are in the wall, I’d apply some there too. Phantom is slow acting and won’t kill anything for a few days following the initial application but this is by design. Alternatively you can go with the MOTHERS EARTH DUST in the wall void which would no doubt take them out too. The key with dusting will be making sure you get good coverage in the space. Use a HAND DUSTER to get it applied and if done right, one dose will last 6-12 months.

Lastly, you could opt to apply some HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER. It’s organic and does not provide any residual. This means you’ll have to spray over and over as new weevils appear. But this would be the “safest” option because it’s not persistent or long lasting.

And don’t rule out installing some WEEVIL TRAPS. These can prove helpful and are very safe since they’re not a spray. Traps won’t solve infestations but can help to monitor and reduce the amount active in the living area.

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Mothers Earth Dust:

House Plant Insect Killer:

Hand Duster:

Weevil Traps:

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