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I have been to your main site and reviewed your product selection for carpenter bees, but I want to use something that’s non toxic to my kids. The bees are hanging around their play set and I’m afraid that anything I spray will be a danger to them. Are there any alternative options?

The products found on NON-TOXIC-PEST-CONTROL are all alternative or “safer” type sprays. These products have been categorized by the federal government as very safe to use because they have little to no impact on the local environment. In fact, these products are essentially exempt from all the general labeling requirements traditional pesticides must file and process before they can be sold. You can confidently apply any of the exempt products listed on our pages to the play set directly and it won’t pose a hazard to your family, pets or environment.

With this information, you can now use these “alternative” products in place of the pesticides. Though these won’t last as long they will cure the problem and should prove up to the task. The main difference will be you may have to apply more and do an extra treatment or two since you won’t be allowed nearly as much leeway in making a mistake.

The first thing you should do is to go back to our CARPENTER BEE CONTROL ARTICLE and identify if you would want to use the dust or liquid concentrate for your particular problem. For example, DRIONE is recommended for dusting nests in our article. On this site, you’ll find MOTHERS EARTH DE DUST, which is a great alternative, as is the CONCERN DE DUST. Apply them with a BULB DUSTER and you’ll take care of any carpenter bee nest directly treated with either material.

In place of the CYPERMETHRIN, a true pesticide, you can opt for the INSECT REPELLENT listed on this site. It won’t kill foraging bees but it will do a good job of repelling them from your structure which in turn will prevent new nests from forming.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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DE Dust:

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