non toxic carpet treatment for insects


Hey guys,
I have a question…with people and pets coming and going in and out of the house, I’m sure some sort of tiny insects are in the carpets.  Is there anything like a powder that can be sprinkled to kill them and vacuum them up?  Something that isn’t harmful for pets?

There could be insects coming in with visiting pets and people. In fact, this is a common path or route of entry during the warm months of the year. Treating the inside with liquids would be an extreme application better left to when it’s most needed. A more subtle, safe treatment would be to apply some MOTHERS EARTH DUST to the carpeted areas. This product is labeled for such use and after being applied, can be broomed down to the nap of the carpet where it can remain working on insects by drying them out. Using Diatomaceous Earth as the active, this product is safe for pets and people to be around once applied and broomed in. You can vacuum after letting it sit a day or so and if you do this every 1-2 months, you should be able to stop fleas and most any pest that might wander in with visitors.

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