what does days to harvest mean


What does “It does have a 7-14 days to harvest” mean relative to applying this product to my vegetable garden?

The days to harvest is the time you should wait following the treatment of a fruit, vegetables or other edible plants or crops before you harvest any part that was treated. So if you treated a tomato plant and the product used has a “7 days to harvest” listed on the label, you would need to wait at least 7 days after the treatment to insure the product applied has dissipated or broken down enough so that the plant can be safely eaten. Many products like Permethrin found in VEGETABLES PLUS will have a range of 7-14 days to harvest listed.

Organic products don’t last as long and consequently will have days to harvest that range from 0-1 days. This is why they are so safe to use. In fact, 3 IN 1 CONCENTRATE has just a 1 day to harvest listing. That means if you spray on a Friday, you can harvest on Saturday. This is good when you are wanting to harvest your crop shortly after treating it but bad if you need long term control and want a spray that will last. This also means you should expect to treat more frequently, maybe once every 1-2 weeks, when using one of our Organic Sprays. But they do work well and are strongly recommended for anyone with a vegetable garden that wants to control some nuisance pests. The 3 in 1 will handle insects, fungus and mites. But we also have others like the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER which is just for insects.

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