GILMOUR 20G (390)

SPRAYER DESCRIPTION: 20 GALLON GILMOUR HOSE-END 390.   Sprayer which attaches to any garden hose and is controlled by a small on/off switch on top. When pushed forward, the valve will be open and if the water is turned on, it will begin to spray. If closed, nothing will happen. When you want to make a chemical application using this sprayer, first add the product you want to spray. Mixtures could require some water be added to the sprayer as well but this will depend on the material being applied. It’s important to note that even when the sprayer valve is turned on and water is spraying out, none of the material in the tank will flow out unless one holds a finger over a small hole on the top of the sprayer. When you hold a finger over this hole, a vacuum is created which insures the material in the tank of the sprayer will be withdrawn as the water flows out.

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