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Dear Jonathan,

Your information about CONFUSED FLOUR BEETLES is helpful. My concern is that applying the insecticide around food would be harmful. After cleaning the cabinet and discarding the contaminated food, would the pheromone beetle traps alone be effective? I don’t like the idea of spraying toxic stuff around where I store food.

Please advise. Thank you very much!

If you have been able to identify all the confused flour beetle infested food and discarded it along with thoroughly cleaning out the cabinet, you could opt to just set out some FLOUR BEETLE TRAPS. This alone won’t solve the problem should it turn out they are nesting in some hidden void. So if the trap starts capturing more then 2-3 beetles, you will probably need to treat.

A relatively safe product to consider is the TOPIA AEROSOL. It’s federally exempt from needing a registration number because it uses actives that are safe for use around people and pets. If beetles start appearing in the cabinet or traps, it means they must be in some food item you missed or maybe a hidden wall void or cabinet space. It’s here you would want to apply the Topia and if done correctly, there should be no exposure to anything being stored in the cabinet anyway.

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