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We are having trouble with cicada killers. I know they are harmless but they have taken over our vegetable garden. They burrow under the plants and kill them. I read on your site to use cypermethrin. I was wondering if that is safe to use in the garden. I enjoy watching them take down cicadas, drag them up a tree and then fly off to their holes with them… they are amazing creatures but I need to eat too.
Any info regarding freeing our garden of them would be greatly appreciated.


The CYPERMETHRIN listed in our CICADA KILLER CONTROL would not be the best option for this application need. Though I don’t think the concentrate would be absorbed by the plant enough to pose a hazard, in general this active is not for use on plants that produce fruit or vegetables. Due to the close proximity of the treatment, I suggest opting for something else. Alternatively there are some organic or less toxic products we have which will work fine and still be safe to use around and even on the plants if needed.

The most direct approach would to wait till dark and then dust their open holes with CONCERN DE DUST. Apply it with a HAND DUSTER and you’ll get instant control of any wasps in the nest when you dust. In theory you should be able to treat all the nests you have heavily enough to shut them down within minutes of the treatment.

Alternatively you could opt to spray some MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER directly down their nests. If done in the evening when you know they’ll be back for the night, the treatment will kill them all on contact as it’s poured or sprayed down their nest. In general, if you’re thorough enough the first time you treat and carefully get each burrow, you can knock them all out with one application. But if you have 5 or more nests, it will probably take a couple of treatments since they can sometimes hide well or some peripheral nests can be missed.

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