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What would be a good non-toxic bug spray for my garden? I grow vegetables and every year get white flies and beetles. I don’t want anything toxic but I’m getting tired of picking off all the bugs.

We have a few products approved for organic gardening that you can use on vegetables. Our two big sellers is the MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER and the 3 IN1 CONCENTRATE. If you have nothing but insects to kill, go with the Multipurpose because it will handle anything. You can treat as often as is needed but most people find once a week is enough and less often as the season grows late in the summer and fall.

The 3 In 1 has more actives including a fungicide and spreader sticker so it’s a more complete spray. Use this concentrate if you’re dealing with a wide range of pests but also plant fungus.

Both products are approved for organic gardening and will dissipate within a day or two of being applied so they pose little to no hazard when used on plants that will generate some kind of fruit or vegetable.

Organic Insect Killer:

3 in 1 Spray:


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