Bug Stick Glue Traps 6 Sticks 12 Glue Pads



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Yellow backed trap with a light glue on it which attracts aphids and kills them by catching them on the included glue. We have two styles. This is our inside trap. This trap is a much smaller version than the outside one, it comes with small toothpick like sticks so that you can use them for house plants directly in the pot. Simply stick the toothpick through the holes which are in the glue pad designed for it and then place the trap into the plant pot. It will serve you by catching not only aphids but also fungus gnats.

WHERE TO USE IT: The inside trap can be used in plant pots, planters and anywhere aphids are known to accumulate.  The outside trap can be used any where outside on plants and trees you wish to protect.

RATE OF APPLICATION: The inside trap, place one out for every pot you have and change out every 2 months or more often if they fill up.

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