PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These are thin, cardboard pad like traps with interior “gluey” walls designed to lure and trap foraging lizards. The traps are pre-formed to fold up into triangular shapes and are ideal for indoor placements.

Included are small pill like “tablets” that need to be applied to the glue inside each “trap”. You may set them out in their full size which is shown on the left side of the photo. This is suggested when dealing with large lizards.

However, you can make them smaller if desired and turn one large trap into several small traps. Each pad is actually “perforated” enabling it to be torn down into three small traps as shown on the right side of the photo.

Each large trap comes with at least 3 “tablets” (a 15 Pack of traps has at least 45 tablets and can make 15 large traps or up to 45 small traps) so there is plenty of included bait for either trap configuration you choose to use. The included tablet will release a slight smell (only detectable by lizards) which helps to attract gecko and other target pests to the trap.

As they enter, they’ll get stuck and won’t be able to escape. These are great tools for monitoring local pest activity and can help you identify “hot spots” where lizards are concentrated and further treatment is needed.

WHERE TO USE THEM: In the home or any building where lizards are observed. Simply set them out along the baseboard, counter top, shelf, floor, bookcase or any other area where you are seeing them forage. The glue, bait and pheromones are completely harmless to people and pets so there is no hazard associated with their use in food areas, closets, bedrooms and living rooms.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Try to make placements every 5-10 feet in rooms which have activity. Monitor them daily to see which ones are catching the most lizards. Replace traps when they get filled, if the glue inside dries (which can happen in extreme arid conditions in less than 2 months) or after 3 months of service.

TRAP COUNT:  This package comes with 15 large traps which are “pre cut” so they can be torn twice making 3 small traps from one large trap. Included will be enough lure pellets so that one pellet can be placed in every small trap; 3 pellets for every large trap. Use the large traps where target pests are too large for the small configuration. And in some instances, cutting one small trap off the large one so the remaining size is basically two small traps is a good “middle” size configuration.

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