gnat spray for tomato and banana plants


i have gnats in my apartment.i have tomato plants ,and banana plant.i have gnats allover the house.i need a spray.

Gnats in the home can be a nuisance throughout the winter months. Though cold outside, most any home has the conditions needed to enable them to prosper. Potted plants are an ideal gnat producer and when these plants yield either fruit or vegetables, there is the additional challenge of what to use safely.

If you suspect the gnats are nesting on the plants, I suggest treating them with one of the organic concentrates or aerosols listed on this site. You’ll need to treat both the plant and the soil if you’re seeing activity in this area. MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER would be a good concentrate to use for the soil. It can safely be sprayed on vegetable and fruit yielding plants and won’t make the banana’s uneatable. Treat once a week adding some concentrate to the watering can. This material will work well on mealy bugs, thrips, aphids and whiteflies  which all like to nest in potted plant soil.

I also suggest getting some HOUSE PLANT KILLER AEROSOL. This product will kill gnats on contact but it’s not as strong as the concentrate. The good thing about the aerosol is that you can use it quickly, for spot treating, as needed. Keep a can on hand for emergency use in between regular treatments with the Multi Purpose Killer. Remember, gnats can manifest themselves most anywhere in the home. They love garbage incinerators, garbage pails, compost piles, pet cages and fruit or produce bowls. Be sure to keep these areas clean and treat with the House Plant Killer when activity is discovered.

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