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I have visited your webpage and am intriuged by your product line. However, I have a dog that likes to eat the grasshoppers, and I’ve a billion of them…

How do I kill the grasshoppers and not kill my dog? How long are your products toxic? What do you recommend?  I can move her to the front yard while I treat, but the little fallen bodies, are they toxic to her if she munches on them?

Non toxic grasshopper control can be tough. As explained in our GRASSHOPPER CONTROL ARTICLE, they can infest properties by the thousands and the only way to knock them down is to apply massive quantities of chemical. Generally this is not a place where pets should be staying following the treatments. Additionally, eating the grasshoppers that have been sprayed would present a hazard to the dog and should be avoided when using the products listed in our the article above.

An alternative choice would be to use one of the organic options listing on this site. There are two which could be used and both will work. INSECTICIDAL SOAP would be the safest route. It works fast and will kill the grasshoppers you spray. But it’s gone in a day which means there is no residual following the application. The good news about this is that your dog could be brought back into the treated area as early as the day after you spray. Additionally, if he ate any of the dead grasshoppers, he wouldn’t be at any risk. The bad news is you might have to spray every few days till they are gone since the Soap doesn’t provide any residual. Additionally, you will have to use a HOSE END SPRAYER to get good coverage over all your yard.

Another option would be the organic GRUB KILLER RTS. This material is a little stronger. It will last a week following your application so this means the dog shouldn’t come into the area for this long following the treatment. If you are able to keep the dog away for this long of period, the Grub Killer would be a better option since it will last longer for sure.

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