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Our neighbor has about 10 honey bee boxes on the back part of his lot cornered up to our property. I have been stung for the third and better be the last time while just working in my own yard doing landscaping – which unfortunately is back near their nest. Is there a repellant that I can use like bug spray to keep them off me and my family? These things are everywhere – our chicken water, our pile of soil aid we are working with, our neighbors fish pond…..everywhere. I have spoken to the guy about them and he has mentioned he just added another box and that they had extracted the honey which is what made the bees feel threatened…..but he firmly believes they are no harm to anyone and has no plans to get rid of them.

Is there anything that we can use or do to keep these things away? Thanks.

Living close to bee hives doesn’t mean you’ll  have to endure getting stung every time you go outside so I’m sure we can help. In most cases where local hives target a yard to forage to there is something in the landscape which is attracting them. Do you have a flower bed or other plant which might be luring them onto your property? Identifying attractive nuisances can help you manage the problem directly so do some inspecting work to see if you see a pattern to their mobility.

Once you find a plant or area where they’re active, there are two products you can use which will repel them away and most likely reroute their behavior if you keep treatments fresh. The first is an insecticide known as CYPERMETHRIN. Labeled for use on plants, trees and around the home, it has a natural repelling feature to many flying pests including wasps and bees. They’ll detect it’s presence and tend to stay away from where it’s been applied. Be aware that this product is a true insecticide so it will affect insects coming in contact with it. We sell a lot of it for controlling pests like ants, roaches and wasps and it’s commonly used for treating bee nests in the ground. So if you spray flowers you know bees are using it will kill any that continue to land on treated surfaces.

If you decide you don’t want a repellent that will kill all the insects, apply the NBS INSECT REPELLENT instead. It’s not an insecticide so it won’t kill anything. But it’s safe enough to use on any plant, tree or home and it’s naturally repellent to insects causing them to forage elsewhere. It’s generally used as a paint or stain additive providing a year or longer repellency where applied. But it can also be applied by spraying it on surfaces where you have unwanted insect activity such as foraging bees.

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