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I am looking for a totally non toxic product to use in my home on a every few month basis. We live in the woods, so we see spiders, roaches, ants etc. Thank you.

We have a few options and I expect one will serve your needs adequately. Here are some suggestions.

The first would be the “strongest” option. It’s federally exempt due to the fact that it uses food grade actives and is very safe for use around people and animals. ECO IC is a concentrate that can be used inside and outside the home and will no doubt control all the pests you’re likely to encounter. It’s not a pesticide but it does act like one in that it kills target insects and supplies a lengthy residual or residue that will remain active for some time.

The second option would be the BUG PATROL RTS. This is an organic spray that can’t be used inside but instead is designed for use around the home. It’s highly effective on tough to kill bugs like roaches and ants. By spraying once a quarter (every three months), you’d knock down the local insect population and in theory effectively reduce the odds of any coming inside. This approach is actually  much more effective compared to waiting till you see them inside and then spraying where everyone lives. Getting bugs outside the home, before they get inside, is a better approach and this product is one of the best organic options when using this method.

The third option would be the HOUSE PLANT INSECT KILLER. Labeled for use inside the home, on house plants and pretty much anywhere, it’s ready to spray (comes in a can) and is very handy to have for spot treating. Use as needed or every 2 months. It won’t be the most cost effective material to use if you’re house is large but it might have a place in your overall program since it can be used as much as needed, is organic and can be applied on any vegetable plant inside or out in the yard around the home.

Lastly, you could opt for a total non pesticide approach with the pure INSECT REPELLENT. This product is to be used outside only and is mostly used as a paint or stain additive. When used in this fashion, it can repel pests for 1-2 years including all the ones you listed above. When used as a spray, results won’t be as long but you should still get 2-3 months of residual. This would be the most “green” option as it’s not a pesticide and won’t kill anything. Given the location of the home, I’m not sure this will prove effective enough for your needs but it might.

In summary, all of these options are included on this site and considered non toxic when compared to traditional pesticides. Hopefully one of these options will fulfill your requirement. Here are links to the products mentioned above:


Bug Patrol:

House Plant Killer:

Insect Repellent:

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May 19, 2010

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