aphids in grow room


I grow hydroponics in a closed grow room environment in Deary Idaho. Peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and some eggplant (when they want to grow.
This summer I found a beautiful yellow banana pepper at a garden sale. I was careless in the isolation station and after two weeks brought it into my grow room.
BAD me! I soon found aphids on my peppers and I’m going nuts trying to wash and spray each plant and bud. They grow faster than I can wash!
I have tons (well maybe a few bottles) of chemicals but I don’t want to use them unless as a last resort.
Do you have a systemic preventive treatment for food vegetables?

Systemic are products which work their way inside plants and are distributed via sap and other plant components. Due to there invasive nature, it’s not an exact science and where the active will end up is sometimes not in the best interest of anyone that might be consuming parts of the plant. In other words you can sometimes get too much product in certain areas of the plant and if this was to happen at the harvest end (fruit or vegetable being picked), there would