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we have nats all in our home and we have two kids and two cats. i need a treatment to be safe for them and i watch a two year old girl too. but i need to know how to get rid of them. we have tried sprays but it doesn’t seem to help. so if you can give me a idea i would love it.

When we move from the warm months to fall and winter, many pests will commonly start nesting inside the home. Nats are one of these pests. Common places they’ll nest will be in the litter box, the drain of any sink – especially sinks that have “sinkerators”, recycling bins, garbage pails, garbage disposals, drain pans under washing machines or refrigerators as well as plant pots (the pot holding the soil for any indoor plants). If you have any of the aforementioned, I suggest you start looking at these locations as possible nest sites.

Now what you can be used to treat these areas? In many cases, a simple flying insect killer can do the job. We have two that are easy to use and very effective. The first is a pyrethrin based spray called PT-565. A simply 1-2 second blast around any of the areas listed above will take care of nats instantly. This can be done as often as once an hour and can be applied with people in the home.

The organic equivalent would be the HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER. It can safely be used in the home around people and pets and will kill nats instantly too.

Both of these options can be used as frequently as you want but remember that neither will “solve” the problem. So if you find the nats keep coming back daily, you’ll need to locate just where it is they’re reproducing and nesting. Once you find that location, you can treat the area to stop the reproduction which ultimately will make it so you aren’t seeing them at all.

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