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I have stink bugs on my tomatoes. Is there any way to get rid of them without sacrificing the fruit?

Absolutely. There are two organic options we have which work. The first is INSECTICIDAL SOAP. Use it as often as is necessary. This could be daily but in most cases you’ll get control after a few treatments. In the end, treat as needed.

The second option is the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER. It seems to last a lot longer compared to the Soap so in general you won’t have treat nearly as often. In most cases you can knock off the problem with 2-3 applications and then watch to make sure they don’t return.

Since stinkbugs will commonly invade the home, make sure you aren’t providing winter harborage for them. This will not only become a problem inside but tend to cause them to be active on your property next summer too. If your garden is close to the home or if you know they’re getting inside, you should do some treating following the guidelines listed in our STINKBUG CONTROL ARTICLE.

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Insecticidal Soap:

Multi Purpose Insect Killer:

Stinkbug Control Article:

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