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Can the Safer insect control be used around pets? I have a cat who munches plants at times.

Generally speaking yes. The rule to follow here is if the product you want to use is labeled for “organic gardening” and includes labeling for use on vegetables, fruits, etc., there will be no measurable risk to you or pets.

You see, the only way anything can get this kind of liberal labeling is if it’s safe enough to be ingested in small amounts. Furthermore, anything labeled this way will essentially be gone in a day so again, there is little to no hazard presented to people or animals even when such products are used on plants.

Now if you’re unsure about the product you want to try, send another inquiry and we’ll be specific. In fact the Safer brand makes products that aren’t labeled for such use but most of what we have on this site is. And here is an example of such a product that would be safe enough:

Organic Insect Killer:

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