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I need something nontoxic for ladybugs. Right now they’re flying around my kitchin so I can’t spray anythin strong. I also see them outside my house on the brick around the deck. They’re just sitting there in big clumps but they’re alive and moving a little. It’s been warm this past week and all of a sudden they’re coming alive. What can I spray outside and what about inside?

There is a species of ladybugs that was introduced to the United States to help combat garden pests like aphids. These ladybugs (actually the species is called Asian Lady Beetles) are quite hardy and won’t die in the winter. Instead they’ll hibernate on buildings and anything that stays warm. If the building is inhabited, they’ll come inside seeking warmth and clearly that’s what you have happening now in your kitchen.

For the ladybugs inside, the least toxic approach to use is to set out our LADYBUG LIGHT TRAP. This device works great on stink bugs and ladybugs. Basically it works by attracting them with both a pheromone lure and a special UV light. Once they enter the trap, they fall into the holding tank and die. These traps work best at night, when all the other lights are off, and the ladybugs won’t see anything but the light of this trap. Set one in every room which has ladybugs and you’ll quickly trap out any active in the area.

For the outside, you spray the side of the house with the organic concentrate we have listed called BUG PATROL. This product is ¬†approved for organic gardening and is safe to use around the home and yard. It comes in a “ready to spray” jug that attaches to the garden hose and uses the power of your water supply to spray. Bug Patrol is strong enough to handle these beetles and will provide a week or so of residual. But if you see them returning after one week, treat again. One of the tradeoffs of using something organic is that it won’t last a long time like some of the traditional sprays.

Light Trap:

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