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Which of your products is best to get rid of Gecko, Squirrels and lizards? Are you products sold in stores?

First, our products are not sold in stores. We primarily sell to pest control service companies that specialize in doing organic pest control. But we do ship all over the world and 99.9% of all orders placed on line are shipped within 1 business day.

Second, the best product to get rid of a Gecko problem is PEST RID GRANULES and PEST RID SPRAY. Basically what you should do is first spread the Pest Rid Granules out over the area where you want to get rid of the gecko. Next, spray the same area down with the Pest Rid Spray.

If the problem is in the home, spray the Pest Rid around any point of entry like garage doors, door ways, windows, rain gutters and other places where geckos like to hang out and nest. Inside the home set out some LIZARD TRAPS.

For squirrels, it’s pretty much the same but we have more information posted here:

Squirrel Repellent:

The Pest Rid  and Lizard Traps can be seen here:

Pest Rid Granules:

Pest Rid Spray:

Lizard Traps:

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