clover mites entering structure


May Eco Exempt IC be used to control clover mites and prevent them from entering a structure?

If it may, what is the recommended dilution and application rate for an active infestation?

Does EEIC provide elimination, or only suppression within the treated area?

Thanks, W.K.

If you read our article on CLOVER MITE CONTROL, you’ll learn they can be quite persistent and stubborn once they get well established. Depending on the source of your problem it’s most likely one of the ECO products will be able to effectively control and eliminate the problem. The key is getting it where it needs to be and this will largely depend on the form used. Since it’s important to treat the turf and the building siding, I don’t think the ECO IC alone will do the job.

But if you first treat the turf with the ECO GRANULES followed by extensive treatments with the ECO EXEMPT AEROSOL to all the cracks and crevices, I’m sure you’ll knock them down if you successfully treat their nests. Again, the key here is getting the product where it needs to be. The one limitation of the liquid ECO Exempt is that it won’t penetrate all the cracks and crevices where clover mites are no doubt nesting. For that the aerosol version will be better suited.

And the ECO Granules will do a better job of lasting long so in the turf surrounding the home, a good application of it will really impact and knock down the local population as it tends to linger much longer. Liquid spraying will have it’s value and definitely needs to be done to all the siding and “above turf” site where you see activity. Especially now that the clover mites like to come out in the open. But this isn’t where they’re nesting so in the end, more coverage will be needed. Combine the ECO IC with the granules and aerosol and you’ll get the results you’re wanting.

Lastly, the rate of mixing the concentrate will be 8 oz of ECO IC per gallon of water which can then be applied over 500 sq/ft. Most homes will require 10 lbs of granules to be applied monthly around the house perimeter followed by 2 gallons of spray over the top, the siding/foundation of the house and other objects like porches, fences etc. where activity is observed. All cracks and crevices on the home need to be treated with the Aerosol which will use 1/2-1 can per treatment. If done monthly you should be able to fully control the clover mite infestation in 6-12 months.

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