nontoxic slug and snail control


I was looking for an nature friendly product to kill slugs and snails (kind of an oxymoron huh?). Most of the organic products seem to marginal at best. I want an organic product. Any help you could give me with this would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

First, we actually carry a “certified organic” slug bait. You can see it on our Non-Toxic site here:

Sluggo Slug and Snail Bait

Second, watch out for products missing the OMRI or Organic Gardening logo’s. At this point that is a major “flag” to us. There are just too many products out there being marketed and sold making all kinds of claims with nothing to back up what they cite the product can do. Currently the government and some other groups are still far behind the list of products that need to be reviewed and evaluated but they are working on it. For us, the process is paramount and a much needed “hoop” for anything we’ll consider selling and when we see something has gone through it successfully getting certified in one category, we are then willing to consider selling it. Currently we know the bait listed above will work. We also know the DE DUST can be sprinkled out over the garden area and it will definitely kill any that enter the area or try to crawl over it. The only problem with the dust is that it won’t last long and once it gets wet you’ll need to reapply it. But it does work and can be a good way to kill off the ones you see on the spot without having to touch them!

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