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Can sulphur granules be used to rid fleas in the yard? What else would you suggest for ridding fleas in the yard? Thank you.

Once established in the yard, it will take a lot more than sulphur to get rid of fleas. Simply put, Sulphur doesn’t have significant insecticidal action so it won’t be able to impact enough of the population to control the problem. It might kill some but very few in the big picture. But you have options.

The non toxic method would be a combination of ESSENTRIA GRANULES and ESSENTRIA SPRAY. Made from food grade actives, these products can kill both flea larvae and adult fleas. It will take 2-4 weeks for the cycle to be broken but if you get treat the yard 2-3 times over a 1-2 month period, you’ll get positive results.

First, apply the granules to the affected yard. Treat as much as you can. Use 3 lbs per 1000 sq/ft. Keep the pet off the treated area until you spray it and allow 1-2 hours of dry time.

Next, spray over the top with Essentria concentrate. This will both kill active fleas and activate the granules which will provide longer residual action. Use 2 oz per gallon of water per 1000 sq/ft.

Essentria Granules:

Essentria Spray:

Reapply the granules once a month for at least 2 months and then if the fleas are gone, you can stop treating. Spray every 10-14 days until you don’t see any activity.

The “stronger” more traditional approach would be to apply BIFEN GRANULES and spray over the top using CYONARA RTS. These are traditional pesticides so they’re strong enough to work fast and last long. When used properly, they’ll be safe for use where people and pets are active.

First, apply 1.5 lbs of granules per 1000 sq/ft of affected yard. Keep the pets off the treated area until you spray the Cyonara and allow 1-2 hours of dry time. Use 2 oz of the Cyonara concentrate per 1000 sq/ft and respray every 10-14 days until they’re gone. Renew the granules once a month for at least 2 months for long term control.

Bifen Granules:

Cyonara RTS:

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