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I’m looking for a non toxic mosquito spray I can use around my organic garden. I don’t want to spray the garden directly but my ground cover and even the grass seems to be harboring a lot of mosquitoes. Is there anything I can spray there that’s non-toxic?

Mosquitoes will readily thrive in ground cover, grass and gardens where it is either shady, moist or both. If you aren’t treating the garden with one of the Organic Sprays we have featured on NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL, we recommend that you reconsider. All it takes is one little “pocket” of mosquitoes to make a large area infested as explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL article.

For the grass and ground cover, spraying some MOSQUITO KILLER RTS should work fine. It’s Organic and won’t pose a hazard to people or pets. Treatments should last a week or more and it can be applied as often as is needed. In the home, the ORGANIC FLYING INSECT KILLER can be used to get any that find their way inside.

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