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Do you have some kind of nontoxic bug killer I can use in my house safely? I don’t want to be spraying anything really toxic around my kids and would prefer something organic. Mostly I have beetles and roaches around the windows and doors from time to time. Also we get some gnats inside but I don’t want to be spraying there much if I don’t have to. Do you have anything that can help?

We have a few products that are certified for organic gardening which are effective for a wide range of insects. MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER is a good one. It can be applied with any good PUMP SPRAYER and should be applied once a month or as needed. You can also use this inside the home if needed but a better product for in the house would be the FLYING INSECT KILLER AEROSOL. It’s nontoxic and works on any flying pest quickly.

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