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We have a small presence of springtails in our bathroom and would like the most ‘green’ friendly product that you can recommend.

Thanks J.D.

Springtails can become quite a problem once they start entering the home. As explained in our SPRINGTAIL CONTROL ARTICLE, they seem to be a real problem up under slab homes and when they are, common entry points to the home will be under sinks and tubs. Do you have a slab home? If so, treatment in the pipe trap (the trap is the place where the pipes pass through the cement) may be needed.

Also explained in our article is the fact that springtails thrive out in the soil surrounding the home and from there migrate which leads to seeing them in the home. Since there is no chemical strong enough to stop the migration, the real key to keeping them out is taking care of them around the perimeter of the home. This can be done with the granules and liquid sprays listed in our article. If you are able to establish a zone around the home which is free and clear of springtails, the odds of any getting inside are greatly decreased.

Since you asked for green products, I have taken some time to list our alternative and organic product choices we know will work on springtails. These are products we have found to work well around the home and all are from a new line of products which are as safe and green as you can find. Use them in place of any products which appear in the article and if you’re confused at all, give us a call for more clarification but it’s pretty straight forward here. For example, instead of the Bifen Granules, use the ECO GRANULES. Made from food oil extracts, it’s so safe ECO Granules are totally exempt from needing federal registration numbers from the government.

We also have liquid concentrate replacement options. Instead of the Cyonara or Bifen concentrates listed in the article, you can use the organic spray we have listed here called BUG PATROL. It’s certified for organic gardening and we know it works well for springtails. This would be sprayed around the home with the purpose of establishing a “buffer zone” where there are no springtails between your house and the yard. When a big enough springtail free zone is established, you will no longer be seeing any in the home.

Lastly, for inside the home, use the MOTHERS EARTH DUST in place of the Deltamethrin Dust. Mothers Earth is DE Dust and very effective yet safe to use inside. If you prefer the aerosol treatment instead, go with the ECO KO EXEMPT. Again, totally exempt from EPA numbers, the ECO works well on springtails and is a very “green” solution.

Here are direct links to all these products and information:


Bug Patrol RTS

Mothers Earth Diatomaceous Dust

ECO Exempt KO Contact Aerosol 14 oz


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February 8, 2011

guest @ 11:22 am #

What do you recommend, the most green way , to treat springtail (snow fleas) in the house?

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