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I’m just curious what you’d recommend that’s non toxic for spraying my strawberries. I have seen some damage I’m thinking is from an insect feeding on them and I don’t want anything too strong. Do you carry anything organic?

We have several organic insecticides that are safe to use on your garden fruits and vegetables. These products have to be a little toxic as explained on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL page but the organic line we feature is about as safe as it gets. Certified by NOP they all bear the organic gardening logo so for now, they’re as good as it gets.

For strawberries, there are two good products that qualify as organic. BT GARDEN DUST uses a type of bacteria thats harmless to people but deadly to insects. Simply sprinkle it on the plant leaves and when they feed they’ll die by ingesting a lethal dose. BT Dust is commonly in organic gardening and comes in a ready to use applicator.

If you prefer to spray, the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER is a great option. It’s a concentrate which is mixed with water and applied with a PUMP SPRAYER. It works on many insects and is good for organic gardens.

BT Dust:

Organic Insect Killer:

Pump Sprayer:

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