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I’d like to know if you have any organic gardening sprays available. I haveĀ  small organic garden that has some bugs so I have to be careful of what I use to spray on my plants. I’ve heard about organic gardening certified products but can’t tell if what my local hardware store is good or not. How do you tell the difference?

There is some confusion over just what products are approved for organic gardening and what is being sold. The way to tell is simple.

Organic gardening approved products will bear the organic gardening logo somewhere on their label or accompaning literature. Just recently this logo has been adopted as the sure and safe way to tell what has been sanctioned or certified by NOP (National Organic Program) as organic gardening safe. This is important if you are an organic grower. Try to use these products because only these will surely be Ok for your garden and actually fulfill the claims they make on their label. Over the past few years there has been a lot of products that have come to market which are fakes or phonies and you must be careful of what you get. Just because something is homemade or natural do not think it’s organic!! There are many toxic compounds out there being represented this way so for now, the best guideline is the organic gardening logo. If something bears this stamp of approval, you can use it safely in your organic herb or vegetable garden. Another great source for this information is our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site which features nothing but organic and exempt pest control products so this is a great place to start your search too. All of the products listed on Non Toxic are organic gardening approved and make great organic gardening sprays.

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