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We are looking for a product that is dog, cat and children friendly (preferably organic), and keep the spiders at bay. I have found eco exempt on your page and was wondering if that is what i need or if you have any other suggestions.
We have a queenslander style home with wooden boards and the property boarders onto the rain forrest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

ECO KO AEROSOL would be a great product that works well and is very safe to use. As explained in our product catalog, it uses food based ingredients so it’s essentially non-toxic to mammals. The Aerosol would be the easiest product to use since it’s ready to spray and comes in a can. But when it comes to spiders, it can sometimes take a little more effort to get good results. You don’t mention where or what kind of spider you have so without this information, I don’t know where the nest sites might be so let me make the following suggestion.

If you notice a lot of spiders around the house, particularly on the outside, you should consider some outdoor treatments. This will help keep out most any invasive insect including spiders. Two good actives which are very safe to use around people and pets would be either the ECO IC CONCENTRATE or the BUG PATROL RTS. Both work well on spiders and are what I would call pet friendly for sure.

Here are direct links to these items:

ECO Exempt KO Contact Aerosol 14 oz

ECO Exempt IC Concentrate

Bug Patrol RTS


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