non toxic spray for wasps on pear tree


I have some miniature wasps that like to buzz around my porch near my ornamental Pear tree.
Hanging sticky ribbon traps a goodly number.
It’s about 1/4″ long, typical small waist, striped rear end and legs. do you have a non-toxic spray for them ? Think they live in the tree.

I have a couple of close-up photos.

Thanks, Phil

If you can, please forward the photo’s as we love seeing any pests in the field. Pictures are both educational and helpful when considering treatment options.

As for what to do; we have a couple of options you might consider. One of the most commonly used product for this kind of problem is the NBS INSECT REPELLENT. This product can be mixed with paint or stain and applied to homes for long term insect repellent action. It’s completely organic and doesn’t kill anything; it merely acts as a repellent where applied. It can also be applied by mixing it with water and then spraying it on the home or surrounding landscape. Trees and plants are commonly treated to repel all kinds of pests including wasps so I’m sure it will work for this treatment need. However, you might need to step up the treatment to something like the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER if they really are living in the tree because I’m afraid the NBS won’t be strong enough alone.

As for the Multi Purpose Insect Killer; it too is organic but it’s a step up from the NBS. It will kill them where they’re nesting and soaking down the trunk and limbs of the tree should do the job.

Remember that neither product is permanent and you will need to treat a few times a year if you wish to keep them away during the warm season.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

NBS Insect Repellent:

Multi Purpose Insect Killer:

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