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We have seen several scorpions around out deck and patio the past month. Last year we only saw this many for the whole year. Now I’m afraid they’re moving inside my house because there was a dead on in our living room behind the couch. I need some kind of non toxic spray or granules for the yard and maybe for the house too. I’ve looked at your products but mostly they look like garden sprays? What can I use that will be the least toxic for scorpions? I’m just afraid if I don’t start treating now I’ll be seeing a whole bunch and they just creep me out!

We have a few products that can handle scorpions fine. And though they’re relatively a lot less toxic than traditional pesticides, these will all work as long as you apply them where it will matter and you do so throughout the year. The key thing with scorpions is that they’re predatory feeding on other insects. This means they have to forage to find food. Now in general they’ll do this at night and  you’ll never know it’s happening. But if you don’t treat the areas with activity soon, this activity will no doubt increase and eventually you will be seeing a whole lot more.

So what should you do? For starters, apply some ECO ESSENTRIA GRANULES to the turf, pine islands, flower beds, mulch piles and other areas around the home. These granules use food grade actives that are federally exempt from being registered because the government knows they’re safe for use around people and pets. In most cases, applying them every month will take care of all the insects around the home and this program will most likely take care of any nesting outside right away as well as keep new ones from coming back.

For the inside, I suggest you set out some SCORPION TRAPS right away. They’ll do a great job of catching a wide range of pests and in doing so, alert you to problems you may have missed inside the home. Now if you start finding scorpions or something else in the traps, inside treatments will most definitely be needed.

At that point, I’d recommend treating with DE DUST. This is essentially Diatomaceous Earth which is highly effective on a wide range of pests including scorpions. The dust should kill any that come in contact with the dust but more importantly, you can use it to treat wall voids and other hidden spaces which many pests like to use for nesting. Once treated, these areas will not be useable by any insect so you’ll not only be taking away the scorpion food they’re seeking, you’ll be making these treated areas uninhabitable by any pest. And the dust lasts a long time; up to 6-12 if it  keeps dry.

Here are links to the products mentioned above:

Essentria Granules:

Scorpion Traps:

DE Dust:

And if you want to read up more on scorpion control, here is a great article that covers all you’ll need to know as well as listing “stronger” scorpion products which you might consider if the problem gets substantially worse.

Scorpion Control:


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