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There is a skunk that’s been digging in my vegetable garden. Right now it’s winter but I still need an organic repellent that won’t be dangerous to the plants and vegetables that will soon be growing. I’m not sure what he’s digging for but he’s pulling up the top layer of soil every night. Suggestions?

It’s very likely there is some kind of food in the ground and most every time the food turns out to be grubs. This is especially true in the winter. So for starters, I suggest you do a grub treatment with our organic GRUB KILLER. Treat at least twice as much as where he’s digging. And if he starts in elsewhere, treat again.

Next, set out some PEST RID GRANULES. These are made from all natural ingredients and won’t pose a hazard to the soil or any of your plants. Next spray over the top with PEST RID SPRAY. The combination of both granules and spray will keep any skunk away.

Grub Killer:

Pest Rid:

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