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I want to do some spraying around my house but would prefer to use something that’s safe and non toxic. I have several cats and a little dog and my concern is for their welfare. I keep hearing about non toxic sprays but I can’t find anything to use that seems like it might actually work. What can you recommend?

As explained on our web site NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL article, the words “non toxic” and ‘insect control” don’t really go together since something must be toxic to at least the target insect if it’s to provide any level of control. The word that’s acceptable to use would organic. Organic products can obtain the same end result (in this case a dead insect) but they tend to not last as long. This means the inherent risk or danger is much less compared to traditional pesticides. The “pros” of using something organic is that most actives are less persistent in the environment so the risk of over applying them or contaminating something is less. And because of this feature, many organic products are ideally suited for use on food crops because they dissipate so quickly. The “cons” of using something organic is that most situations will require repeated treatments since the active is not long lasting. In other words, the short length of residual action means you should expect to be applying more sooner compared to using the traditional products.

Currently there are a lot of products which are both organic and effective. We have narrowed the field and list several that can be used effectively for spider control. First, you should review our online SPIDER CONTROL ARTICLE which has all kinds of details about how to treat for spiders. It also features many “traditional” products that can be used safely in and around the home. When used according to their respective labels, these products can be safely applied in and around the home. Be sure to review the safety video’s which cover this in great detail.

If you’d like to “go organic”, there are plenty of replacement products one can use in place of what we have listed in our article. For example, the ECO IC EXEMPT can be sprayed in place of the concentrated listed in the article. The ECO GRANULES would be the replacement for the Bifen Granules and the ECO KO AEROSOL in place of the Baygon. In our experience, these new products have performed well and really the only trade off is that you might find yourself using them a little more frequently compared to the traditional actives.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Outside Spider Control:


ECO Granules:

ECO KO Aerosol:

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July 3, 2011

guest @ 7:53 am #

Hello, I live in Southern California and have a problem with Black Widows and other spiders making nest in the rocks around the edge of my swimming pool. Is there a safe product, a spray or dust to kill these spider that won’t harm the swimming pool? Your advice is much appreciated.

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