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I think I have a problem with stink bugs. I found a few throughout the house, but I was working on a remodel and the ceiling to the attic was open and I saw 6 bugs in that small room in a short time. I have a 2 year old and 2 dogs and would like to know the danger of the chemicals and the best way to control them.

Stink bugs can become a big problem in the home if the invasion is left untreated. Our Stink Bug Control article explains the common ways they infest a home and based on your report, they are obviously acting inside at this point. Fortunately it doesn’t sound a like a major problem just yet and you should be able to get rid of them with a good dusting for now and a liquid treatment next fall.

First, review the article. Next, where you see the products listed you can click on them to learn more about each one. On those product pages you’ll find “alternative” product options. These are organic options that are non toxic to use but still effective. For your situation, I suggest you go with the alternative dust, liquid and aerosol options to avoid any cause for concern regarding your two year old. From those pages you can order directly or from this site since we have the organic Dust, Aerosol and Liquid posted here as well.

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