non toxic tomato hornworm treatment


My tomatoes get hornworms every year. Do you have a non toxic spray I can use on them to help hold off this pest? My garden has a lot of vegetables and I try to keep it as organic as possible. But the bugs are never ending and I hate letting them get to eat everything I grow before me.

Non toxic tomato hornworm control can be accomplished with several organic solutions we have available. The easiest to use is the BT ORGANIC GARDEN DUST. This product uses bacillus thuringiensis as the active and is simply sprinkled out over the plant right from the jar. No mixing is needed and you will have to apply it as needed. Expect to do treatments 1-2 a week.

If you want a non toxic spray, our MULTI PURPOSE ORGANIC TOMATO HORNWORM KILLER is a concentrate you’ll apply with a good PUMP SPRAYER. It will prove to work faster and last longer and can be used for most any commonly found garden pest.

If you find the organic non toxic sprays aren’t strong enough for your tomato hornworm problem, you might consider VEGETABLES PLUS PERMETHRIN which is labeled for use on vegetables and other plants. It will last 7-14 days after being applied and would be the strongest option available.

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