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My garden has been getting whiteflys every year for the past two seasons and I’d like to start spraying something. I’ve been reluctant to use anything because I’m organic. Do you have anything available that will be safe to use? I know you have some awesome bugspray for ants because I got it and haven’t had a problem since. But anything that strong can’t be safe to use in my garden so I’m hoping you have an alternative remedy.

We now have many organic whitefly sprays great for use in organic gardens. The most common choices for whiteflys include our 3 IN 1 FIM and the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER. The 3 in 1 is a popular choice because it has an insecticide, fungicide and miticide so you can take care of many problems with just one spray. The Multi Purpose Insect Killer is one of the stronger products we now have so it’s a good choice when dealing with something stubborn like whitelflys. We have other organic sprays for most all applications around the home and they can all be seen in our ORGANIC CONCENTRATE PRODUCT PAGE.

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3 in 1:

Multi Purpose Insect Killer:

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