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I have some bugs getting inside my home but don’t want to spray anything toxic. What non toxic alternative products can you recommend that will be safe around my kids?

At this time there are several less toxic products that can be used to help control most any bug. Remember, something must be at least a little “toxic” if it’s to kill an insect. These newer compounds are derived from plant and food stuff so they are essentially exempt from federal regulation because they are so safe to use.

For starters, I recommend the ECO IC 2 concentrate. This product works on a wide range of insects and can be applied with a good PUMP SPRAYER around the house. If you don’t want to spray inside, that’s Ok. Just do a good perimeter treatment to the foundation and you should be able to keep most all insects out by creating an effective barrier over which they will not be able to cross.

I also recommend applying some ECO GRANULES to the turf surrounding the yard as well. Try to treat at least a 10 foot band of soil. This should help keep anything from nesting in the area which in turn should prevent anything from entering the home.

If you see something inside the home, treat with ECO AEROSOL to start. This product will work for most any insect and is safe to use around kids and pets. All these products can be seen on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site.

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