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We have a never ending flea infestation that seems to be worse in our living room. Every time we try to watch tv one of us will get a flea on them. This has been going on for months now. I have sprayed several times and the dog doesn’t show anything on it but we seem to find them. Where are they coming from and what can I use? The spray I’ve been using is an organic orange scented, natural spray that seems to work when you spray live fleas but they keep coming back. I like it but it’s just not strong enough anymore. What can we use that won’t be a danger to me or the kids?

It sounds like the spray you’ve been using is killing adult fleas but not getting flea eggs or their larvae. This is critical to solving flea problems. Most any organic liquid spray won’t last long and therein lies the problem. Fleas are very hard to kill in their egg stage and the third stage is known as a pupae which is even tougher to kill. Few if any products are effective at killing them which is why fleas can last a long time once you get them. I’m certain what you have happening right now is the fleas that are in the third stage are maturing and hatching out when everyone settles down to watch some tv. And until they’ve run out, the problem will persist.

So to get them to run out, you must treat with something that will last longer than the spray you’ve been using. A great choice for this is the FIRST DEFENSE ONCE A YEAR FLEA POWDER. This is a very fine, highly refined boron based granule. It’s 100% pure and very safe for use around people and pets. The great thing about these granules is that treatments will last for several months and once the problem is gone, up to a year. But if need be, you can use it over and over without posing a danger to anyone or any pet in the home. This way if you choose to deep clean furniture or carpeting and most of the product gets removed, you can reapply it without worrying about over applying.

To treat, apply 1 lb per 400 sq/ft. Do this by lightly sprinkling it out over the carpet, under furniture cushions and under any tables and other places pets or pet hair may accumulate. Once applied, “rake” it in attempting to get the product down to the nap of the carpet where all the flea eggs, larvae and pupae tend to hide. The granules will start working within a few days. And in doing so, no new flea eggs will be able to develop which in turn will stop the cycle.

The second thing you need to do is install several FLEA TRAPS throughout the home. These do a great job of getting flea pupae to hatch as well as alert you to any places in the home you may have missed and not treated with the First Defense. Many times people are surprised where fleas are very much active and I suspect there is some place else you’ve been neglecting that is breeding them. Once installed for a few days, these flea traps will pick up any fleas that are within a 20 foot radius so if my hunch is right, you’ll be able to target these other locations and get them treated too.

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