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I have a small greenhouse and I’m growing orchids.  Some quite ordinary, others pretty special. I have been trying to control the spider mites via alcohol and pinching….I am not winning.

I wonder if the dust is the best way to go. I don’t want to hurt any plants.

I look forward to hearing from you.  I live in Black Mountain, N C

When treating plants in a greenhouse, I prefer some of our organic products over the more traditional pesticides. They don’t last long meaning they dissipate rapidly which will effectively reduce the risk of anything getting injured due to over exposure. We have several listed on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site, and the two that work well for spider mites are HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER and MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER.

The “most gentle” product would be the House Plant Killer. It’s in a ready to spray aerosol and will kill any on contact. But keep in mind it won’t provide any long lasting residual so in the end you’ll probably end up spraying quite a bit. This could become costly. However, it is quite convenient to use and it’s very safe.

The Multi Purpose concentrate will be the stronger of the two. It’s a concentrate that you’ll mix with water and apply via a PUMP SPRAYER. It won’t last long but if you apply it weekly for 2-3 weeks, you should knock out this sometimes stubborn pest.

Here are direct links to the products listed above:

Non Toxic Pest Control Site:  https://www.non-toxic-pest-control.com

Houseplant Insect Killer:  https://www.non-toxic-pest-control.com/aerosols/houseplant-insect-killer-10-oz

Multi Purpose Insect Killer:  https://www.non-toxic-pest-control.com/concentrates/multi-purpose-insect-killer-24-oz

Pump Sprayer:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/sprayers/pump-sprayers/one-gallon-eliminator

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