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I have skunks and raccoons digging up our grass going after grubs. I live by a lake and would like to know what natural remedies are out there to use to get rid of the grubs that will not affect the fish in the lake. Thanks for your time. B.

Grubs can cause all kinds of problems including plant death, unwanted soil PH swings and animal predation. If there is water close to grub infested lawns, traditional treatments are usually not recommended. Fortunately there is a wide range of natural alternatives that can be employed. Once these products are put to use and the grub populations are reduced, animals will be forced to forage elsewhere.

One of the best natural grub remedies available now is the ECO GRANULES. Using food oils as actives, these slow dissolving granules can last a month or more and when watered into the dirt. Get some applied now and they will start working immediately. Grub control is best achieved from the winter on through to summer. Most important is that ECO Granules can be used in close proximity to sensitive areas and will not pose a danger to the wildlife, people or pets.

Next, spray over the top with the ECO IC CONCENTRATE as this will get the granules activated and the liquid treatment will help provide a quick kill. If the area is small and the ECO is too big of a container for your needs, get the ORGANIC GRUB RTS. It’s been certified to be used for organic gardening and is very gentle on the turf. It comes with it’s own hose end sprayer so you just have to hook it up the garden hose and you’ll be ready to spray.

One other thing; be sure to check the SOIL PH if you haven’t done so recently. Grub infestations will naturally lower the soil PH and when this level dips below 6.0, it becomes a real problem affecting a wide range of things that may be in the landscape. Being out of balance will cause the soil to render most insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer and other turf products pretty much useless. Additionally, plants won’t be able to grow properly and generally get sick and become more vulnerable to all kinds of problems with out the proper balance PH in the soil. Lastly, acidic or alkaline soil in close proximity to water isn’t good for any fish in the water so make sure the turf has a good PH measurement before beginning any treatment program.

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