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I have a small wasp nest behind/inside my driver’s side door rear view mirror. I was looking at your Mother Earth dust, which sounds like it would be a good idea. I have two questions, however.

First, you suggest doing it in the middle of the day. Would it not be better to do at night when they are dormant and in the nest and less likely to come swarming out and sting me?

My second question is will this deter them from coming back to nest here again? And if not, do you have a product that would do this?

Thank you for you help. Margaret.

In fact this would be a great option. Unfortunately the Mothers Earth Dust was discontinued earlier this year. A really good replacement option is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH listed here:

DE Dust:

It can be applied with our HAND DUSTER and all it will take is 3-4 puffs to do the job. I would expect any wasps in the nest to die within 5-10 minutes of the treatment. I also expect the area to hold the dust well which means it will last for a long time following the treatment thus insuring they don’t return. So that means all you need to do is dust and you’ll be done with this issue.

Hand Duster:

Lastly, we generally recommend treating during the day because that’s when it’s most likely that most if not all of the inhabitants of the nest will be out foraging for food. Of course there is always the chance of some being around but you see in the evening, they all return to the nest and settle in for the night so treating at night means there will no doubt be a lot around. Furthermore some wasps keep “guard” wasps close to the entry of the nest during the evening to act as security and prevent any foreign invasions. I’m sure you’d be a target should this species have such guards and at night, the chances of encountering them are much higher.

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