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I’ve got some caterpillars in my garden that are chewing away at everything. First I thought they were tomato caterpillars but now I dont’ know what they are. Do you have some kind of non toxic spray or dust I can use that won’t hurt my plants?

We have several non toxic concentrates that can handle caterpillars and other other pests quite well. These are labeled for use on organic gardens and won’t hurt the plants, fruits or vegetables you harvest.

If you prefer a dust, go with the BT GARDEN DUST. This product is simply sprinkled over the plants and as the caterpillars eat the treated leaves, they’ll ingest the bacteria and die.

If you prefer to spray, go with the MULTI PURPOSE GARDEN CONCENTRATE or the ORGANICĀ  3 IN 1 SPRAY. The Multi Purpose is our strongest organic option and will handle most any insect. The 3 in 1 combines an insecticide, fungicide and miticide all in one so you get complete coverage of all the common ailments most gardens experience. It’s kind of a “one shot treatment” that can make gardening – especially organic gardening – a lot easier.

Lastly, we also have a non organic option that will last longer and be the most effective overall. VEGETABLES PLUS uses permethrin as the active and is highly effective on caterpillars. Treatments can last 1-2 weeks so you won’t have to apply it nearly as much as the organic options.

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