Aphid Alarm



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Small disc, about the size of a Life Saver, which is placed around the stem or branch of any plant you want to protect from aphids. When used before aphids are present, Aphid Alarm will serve you by “scaring” aphids into a defensive posture. When in such a posture, they will many times stop feeding but most importantly, stop reproducing. In general, the alarm serves as a distraction which interrupts aphids from going about their regular business of eating and reproducing.

WHERE TO USE IT: Roses and any other plant on which aphids may want to land and start colonies.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Use one Alarm for every 20 sq/ft of garden area or planting area you want to protect and replace them once a month. Remember that they will work best when placed out before Aphids are present. If aphids are already active, use two for every 20 sq/ft and if don’t expect to see any change for 1-2 weeks. If activity levels are still too high after a month following Alarm placements, consider one of the other applications we have listed in the article.

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