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I’m looking for a non toxic roach killer. I’ve been seeing big and tiny roaches in my kitchen but refuse to bait because I have a pet doggie that eats everything. He even eats the dead roaches! Gross!! So I’m looking for a spray or dust of some kind I can put out that’s non toxic to me or my family.

We have a few products that can be used safely around pets and people that work well on roaches. The first is DE DUST. You’ll need a HAND DUSTER to apply it and using this tool you’ll want to blow the dust under cabinets, into wall voids and other spaces where roaches are known to hide. Any dust that falls out in the open can be wiped up with a wet rag or paper towel and it will be gone or neutralized.

For spray, go with the BED BUG RID which is labeled for roaches too. This is a true spray and it’s exempt from federal registration because it is so safe to use. More importantly, it actually kills roaches dead so for the baseboards and other open areas where you’re seeing roaches and can’t use the dust, spray the Bed Bug Rid.

Lastly, set out ROACH TRAPS along walls and inside the cabinets or pantry where you see them. The roach traps are safe around people and pets too and contain no poison. They use a special roach pheromone that will attract roaches inside where they get stuck to the glue.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

DE Dust:

Hand Duster:

Bed Bug Rid:

Roach Traps:

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