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I have a bee hive in my back yard which contains Italian honeybees. Is there a mosquito eradication product that will not harm my bees? Perhaps a fogger product?

As explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, mosquitoes commonly rest on plants and other vegetation. Though they don’t commonly land on flowering plants, there is no practical way to treat everything but the parts of a plant where your honeybees will land (generally that would be the flower). And though removing your bee hives from the treatment area would work, I don’t expect this to be a practical solution either. Fogs, sprays and dusts will all leave a residual over the entire plant so in the end, I’m afraid the only truly safe method of keeping the mosquitoes in check will be to use repellents. Fortuanately we have 2-3 that work quite well.

One of the best is the MOSQUITO REPELLENT RTS. It’s a liquid concentrate that can be sprayed over your vegetation and basically anywhere you’re seeing mosquitoes. Organic and safe for the environment, the beauty of this material is that it won’t kill anything. Treatments can last a few weeks and it works on other pests like fleas, ticks and gnats keeping them all off the treated area.

Alternatively you may prefer to use a dry granular material like MOSQUITO SCAT. This product only needs to be sprinkled out over the turf and yard in areas you want to keep mosquito free. Treatments won’t last as long as the spray but again, it’s safe enough to be used without danger to other beneficial insects yet strong enough to keep away the undesirables.

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