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I’m looking for something non toxic to use in my apartment for silverfish. They’re in my bathroom and living room. I mostly see them at night. I think they’re coming in from the storage space above me because I don’t see any in my apartment when I look. But every other night it’s like they come out and I’m afraid of getting infested.

Silverfish will live and breed in attics, wall voids and basically any wall space or void. They love insulation, the kind used in walls and attics, and once established in these areas will migrate inside to living spaces. Houses and apartments are some of their favorite places in which to live.

Non toxic silverfish control can be done using SILVERFISH TRAPS and MOTHERS EARTH DUST. Set the traps in any room where you see activity. Silverfish traps will help by capturing foraging silverfish and effectively prevent them from nesting. But when used alone, silverfish traps wont’ stop the invasion.

To stop silverfish invading, treat all routes of entry with Mothers Earth DE dust. Silverfish hate this stuff and will avoid it. Use a HAND DUSTER and “puff” some into cracks, crevices and wall spaces. Common routes of entry include light switch covers, electric outlets, light fixtures, air vents, water pipes, drain lines and basically anywhere a crack or crevice exists. A good dusting with Mothers Earth dust will make these areas unusable by silverfish so they’ll stay out of your living areas.

One last item worth mentioning is TOPIA AEROSOL. It’s organic and safe for use around pets and children too. Use it in all cracks and crevices instead of the dust if you prefer something easier to use. Keep in mind the Topia won’t last nearly as long as the dust. In fact the difference between the two products is big. Expect to get 1-2 weeks of control with the aerosol but with the dust, treatments can last 6-12 months so the difference is significant.

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