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I have slugs eating all my lettuce plants. I can’t tell where they’re coming from but I see them at night when I go outside. I’m just getting tired of picking them off the plants. What do you recommend? I’d like something non toxic I can spray around the plants to repel them.

There are a few non toxic slug control products that work pretty well. The old standby is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. Just sprinkle it around the plants you want to protect and the slugs won’t cross over the band. This will slow them up but it won’t last that long because moisture will make the dust useless. One good rain and it will wash away so if there is a good amount of water from rain or irrigation, consider one of the following options for better long term control.

The first is a bait. For use around gardens, SLUGGO SLUG BAIT is the best organic gardening approved bait that works. It’s both safe and effective for slugs and snails. Broadcast this in a large area around the garden so as foraging slugs come around they’ll find it before the lettuce. Distributing the bait over a large area will yield better results compared to making small specific applications so try to treat as much as possible. Slugs tend to travel in a straight line so if the bait is even just an inch or two away from their trail they may not venture away from where they were headed. Be sure to get it evenly distributed over a large area for best results.

Another good option is PEST RID SPRAY and PEST RID GRANULES. In place of the bait, you could opt to sprinkle the Pest Rid Granules and then spray over the top with the Pest Rid Spray. Mind you these are only repellents but they work great on slugs lasting weeks or longer. And though rain will break it down, it stands up well to getting wet by design and can withstand several passing rain systems before it needs to be reapplied.

Lastly, SLUG TRAPS are very effective at catching some and thinning down the population. Set these out in the garden beds and traveling slugs will find their way inside, get trapped and effectively be eliminated.

Here are direct links to the products listed above:

DE Dust:

Sluggo Bait:

Pest Rid Spray:

Pest Rid Granules:

Slug Traps:

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