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I’m looking for a non toxic snake spray I can use inside my house. My house is built over a dirt crawl space and the snakes love it. They come inside during the winter to hibernate and in the summer to avoid the heat. I tried using snake away but it smells so bad my whole house started stinking. I found out it uses toxic moth balls and I don’t want to breath the stuff all the time but I need something to keep them out. Any kind of organic spray available?

The best snake repellent for use inside is the PEST RID GRANULES and PEST RID SPRAY. Apply the granules throughout the space focusing on the foundation walls and any supporting pillars. Snakes will naturally stay close to this part of the space. If the foundation wall is made with cement blocks, try to get some granules into this space too since snakes love living in hollow chambers of hollow block.

Next, spray over the top with the Pest Rid Spray. Be sure to spray the foundation walls too, and up to the where the floor joists and sill plate rest on it. Snakes will commonly forage in these areas and if you only treat the ground, they’ll simply move up above your application.

Lastly, apply a band of SNAKE OUT around the entire outside perimeter of the home. Unlike the snake away, Snake Out  and Pest Rid are made with natural ingredients and exempt from federal registration because they’re so safe to use around the home. This means you won’t be exposed to anything nearly as strong as the actives found in snake away.

As for the length of control; the inside treatments with Pest Rid will last 30-60 days. The outside treatments with Snake Out will last about 2-4 weeks.

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