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Hello. I have. HUGE problem with stinkbugs in my attic, which is also my sons room. All winter they have been living next to lights and on the windows during the day. Past articles I’ve read have stated there is no permanent way to get rid of them. Today was the first 90 degree day and I left the windows open (with screens on them) the room is loaded with them. I took my vacuum and sucked up as many as I could reach. I’m at my wits end with these things. I am going to try the product you sell for indoors. But I need to know if its safe to spray it in my sons room. He is only 2 and I’m a super paranoid first time mother who doesn’t like messing with chemicals. Last year we spent $200 on organic powder to get rid of fleas ( which failed to work). I live in the country, bugs are normal, but the stinkbugs have got to go. Thanks so much for your time.

First, we understand your concern regarding the use of chemicals around any room where a 2 year old is living. We feel such treatments should be kept minimal and only done when needed. The good news is that most of the applications will probably work best if done to the areas adjacent to your son’s room. The attic and outside of the structure would be most important. The stinkbugs being found in the living area can be vacuumed up and that will remain the best option for getting rid of the stinkbugs on the inside. But if you don’t dust the attic as explained in our Stinkbug Control article, they will continue to live there when it’s cold outside and from there migrate into living areas. Additionally, if you don’t spray the outside of the building both in the fall when they’re moving inside and then again in the spring when they’re moving outside, you will continue to have seasonal invaders. The treatment that’s needed in the bedroom is really limited since these are bugs which are there more out of mistake than any other reason. In other words, this is not a location where they are breeding so a very limited amount of application is really needed there.

The best products to use for getting rid of this pest will be those we have listed in our Stinkbug article. For the attic, the Deltamethrin Dust would be best. It will last many months and prevent them from using this area for reproducing. On the outside of the building, the Cypermethrin will knock them down and keep them away when you see them active in the fall and spring. It will be important to get treatments all the way up the side of the house and possibly on the roof if you suspect they are penetrating from this region. Lastly, the Baygon Aerosol can be used in the living area to treat the cracks and crevices where the stinkbugs may be hiding throughout the winter months; go with the PT-PHANTOM if you prefer an odorless spray. A good treatment done in the late fall could really help minimize the ones you see during this time.

Alternatively, you can use the organic equivalent products for all of the products listed above. Our Non Toxic Product listing is comprised of items which are made from food extracts and very safe for use in sensitive areas. They do work quite well  and can control stinkbugs. The only tradeoff will be the length of time the treatments last. For the attic, the ECO Dust or the MOTHERS EARTH DE DUST can be used in place of the Deltamethrin. For the outside, spraying, the ECO IC or the BUG PATROL be used in place of the Cypermethrin and for the inside living area, the ECO KO Aerosol or the HOUSE PLANT INSECT KILLER is a safe alternative to the Baygon. As is the case with all our products, you do need to keep children and pets away when doing any application but once the treatments dry, they can re enter treated rooms and go about normal activities. Stinkbugs can be a persistent problem but with the right products and applications, you can get rid of them.

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